DevCit Acceleration is a business accelerator provider that supports the growth of SMEs and startups in Kyrgyzstan. With a focus on entrepreneurship training and development programs, DevCit Acceleration offers high-quality courses covering business strategy, marketing, finance, operations, IT, and data analysis. The program has trained over 3,000 students and employees of more than 20 organizations, including youth and women’s entrepreneurship.

DevCit Acceleration’s acceleration programs have supported more than 350 startups and entrepreneurs, providing them with funding and tailored support in marketing, sales, product development, and customer service. The program also offers the Accelerate Small Business Grants program, which provides financial support to small businesses looking to expand their operations or launch new products. The grants are awarded based on the strength of the business plan and potential for growth and job creation.

DevCit Acceleration’s impact on Kyrgyzstan’s economy includes job creation, poverty reduction, and fostering a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation. By supporting the growth of numerous small businesses, the program has contributed to the overall economic growth of Kyrgyzstan. For example, one business that participated in the program was able to increase its revenue by 300% within a year of completing the program.

DevCit Acceleration has worked closely with a range of partners, including government agencies, private sector organizations, and international development agencies. These partnerships have helped to strengthen the program and provide participants with access to a wider range of resources and support. The program has achieved significant milestones in driving economic growth and job creation in Kyrgyzstan, building a supportive ecosystem for entrepreneurship and innovation.

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