Develop and pilot an entrepreneurship course for returned migrants and the unemployed, and provide advisory services to empower self-employment centres.

Piloting entrepreneurship course for beginners and capacity building for public employment offices

The Kyrgyz-German “Promotion of employment and vocational qualification” project by GIZ


The project is supported by the German government and aimed to improve employment prospects, expand access to employment opportunities and tools that facilitate the acquisition of professional skills that meet the needs of the labor market. Under this project, DevCIT team is responsible for the development and piloting the entrepreneurship course for the target audience including returning migrants and unemployed. For that, the public employment offices employees and selected universities’ professors attended the Train the Trainers course on entrepreneurs education methodologies. 


After that, the public employment offices will forward unemployed people to universities to attend the course taught by professors so that they could start their own small business. Additionally, the financial model of the paid regular entrepreneurship course to be provided on the basis of universities was presented to the Dean for further implementation to ensure sustainability in the long run.